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Join the Camp

One of the main questions people ask about our membership is
“What if I don’t have a relative?”

If you do not have a relative that you know of who served, you are still eligible to join.

We welcome all who have any interest in preserving the memory of the men and women who served in the conflicts from 1898 to 1902.

All males 14 years old or older who subscribe to the purpose and objects of the Sons of Spanish American War Veterans are welcome to join the order. There are two categories of membership: “Heritage” and “Associate,” but those who are a son of a veteran, son-in-law, or step son, are recognized as a “Real Son.”
Membership is open to Male Descendents of Spanish American War, Philippine Insurrection,
and the China Relief Expedition Veterans Both American and Allied Nations.
We accept Both Collateral and Lineal Descendants.
That is Aunts, Cousins, Grandfathers, and Uncles on both the Maternal and Paternal sides of ones family.
Those whom lack the ancestry,
but whose wife has said ancestry are
eligible for full membership.

There is an initial one-time Membership Initiation Application fee of $15.00 to join and that can be sent in along with the application, and an annual due renewal fee of $15.00.
These dues cover the cost for things like Memorials/Monuments, Membership Cards, Postage, etc.

There is also an Associate Membership for those individuals who are uncertain if they have a relative. If you are uncertain as to if you are related to a Veteran of any of the above conflicts but believe you have one, we will try to help you find that individual.

At this time Membership to the Joseph Melvin Leonard Camp No.168 includes a Membership Card, National Membership Certificate, a subscription to the Camps Newsletter “The Hiker” and “The National Son”. As well as the privilege to Purchase and Wear the Orders Membership Medal.



  • 2 Completed Applications
  • 2 Completed copies of your Family Tree done to said ancestor
  • Proofs of service of ancestor
  • And a $30.00 in a Check or Money Order to payable to:
    Joseph Melvin Leonard Camp No.168, SSAWV“:

Once completed send to:
J.M. Leonard Camp No.168, SSAWV
11 Easy Street
Troy, NY 12180