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Camp Officers

(The Joseph Melvin Leonard Camp No.168 is not a Genealogical research organization
and we ask that you refrain from contacting us for the sole purpose of having us check into your family tree.)

CAMP OFFICERS 2023-2024 (Camp Officers; Elected and Appointed)

Camp President
Adam W. Gaines, PCP

Camp Sr. Vice President
Douglas M. “Tim” Mabee

Camp Jr. Vice President
Todd A. Shillington

Raymond W. LeMay III, PNP, PCP


Camp Graves-Monument Registration Officer
Jerome “Jerry” Orton

Camp Trustees

  1. Adam W. Gaines, PCP
  2. Jerome “Jerry” Orton
  3. Douglas M. “Tim” Mabee

Sgt. At Arms
SSG Sean W. Shillington (U.S. Army)